Our Concept

“Traditional beauty with modern approach”

Tango is covering approximately 60% of the production for kimono fabric. 

One of the most prominent fabrics produced in Tango is called “Tango Chirimen (Tango Crepe), which is widely known as traditional and luxurious kimono fabric.


We, the only synthetic Tango Chirimen weaver who weave and twine all fabrics in-house, 

propose functional and valuable products to the customer by blending traditional beauty and technological advances.

Our Specialties

“Functional Tango Chirimen”

We have committed the shape of shibo(concaves and convexes on the surface) created by the hard twisted polyester threads, 

as well as hybrids of natural and other synthetic yarns for 70 years. 

This enables luxurious and traditional crafts like Tango Chirimen turns into functional, reasonable, and daily uses items.

Traditional Beauty

・Rich Drape

・Soft texture and smooth to the touch

・Deep tone by diffused light in a different way

・Less prone to wrinking


・High compatibility with functional fibers, such us antivirus, heat storage, heat, water-repellent.

・High washability and dry quickly

・High resistance to sunlight, water, moisture, & etc..

・Less fading