Usui Orimono Co., Ltd. was founded in 1952 by Teruo Usui at his house at the age of 23,

Started with selling kimono rolls by a rental bicycle in Kyoto city.

Since 1988, Usui Orimono co., Ltd. has specialized in Tango Chirimen with synthetic yarns with double width weaving looms.

Today, we have become the only synthetic Tango Chirimen producers who weave and twine all textiles inhouse.

Company Information

Company Name: Usui Orimono Co., Ltd.

Address:  503 Shimoyamada, Yosano-cho, Kyoto, 629-2302, JAPAN

President and Representative Director:  Hiromichi Usui

Founded:  1st- Sep. 1952

Capital:  30 million JPY

Tel +81-772-42-4105

Fax +81-772-42-4108